When you need 911 service. Time is of the essence. You can help 911 respond faster and perhaps avoid tragedy....

Do not rob yourself or precious loved one of critical life saving moments. Every second counts!

Emergency services recommend large reflective address numbers.
Jumbo Size 3" - 4" Reflective House Numbers
Durable .080 Gauge Alum
Easy To Install (5 Minutes)
Mounts on House
Reflective House Number Sign Styles
At Night The Only Thing Brighter Is The Moon
Reflective House Sign Solutions Since 1997
Durham, North Carolina
Perfect for Rural Roads
Emergency Services Recommended
Performance You Can Count On
Guaranteed Brilliantly Reflective
Mounts on Any Style Mailbox Post
Perfect for Dark Streets
..BUT The Difference Is Clear!
Superior Reflectivity!
NightSign Gallery
Professional Sign Quality
NightSign Style 1 - $22.85
NightSign Style 2 - $29.45
Includes 2 Signs - Horizontal By Request
Clearly Visible
How Easy Would It Have Been To Miss The House Beyond The Sign
Driving View
The Original NightSign...
Includes 1 Double Sided Sign
Long Range Reflectivity
Super Easy To Read At Night
Good Readability Under Mixed Lighting Situations
12" X 6" Fits 5 No.'s
13.5" x 3.50" (Fits 3 No.'s)
Fire Engines - Police - Sherriff - EMT
Emergency Responders:
When Every Second Counts!.... Help 911 Find You Fast!!!
Readability Is Superior To Typical Green Signs
~ Testimonials ~
"Yes, we do like your reflective night sign. We live in a rural area and the numbers show up nicely at night. We are happy with our purchase, and would buy it again. Very bright, my husband was pleasantly surprised. In case of an emergency it would be very helpful to emergency crews to locate our home."
- Thank You, Rose
" I purchased you nightsign for my Mother's mailbox. The adhesive numbers never lasted long and she wanted something easy to see. We are both pleased with the nightsign. It is very clear and appears very durable so I won't have to replace it anytime soon. The reflective nightime visibility was a real bonus, something we hadn't thought about ahead of time. "
- Dan
Hi, My husband really likes the signs. My neighbors like them too. I am placing an order for 6 more for my son and neighbors.
- Rurh 3/17/2010
Reflective Address Signs Help 911 Save Lives -Statistics show that he survivability of someone suffering a stroke or heart attack diminish substantially in the first hour after the event.
When you need 911 response service.. You need it Fast!, You need It mmediately.
You do not want the to be the next person to tell the story about how they watched as the emergency ambulance went back and forth up and down the street looking for the house number, until it was flagged down by someone standing in the middle of the street At Night Waving A Flashlight! You need a reflective house number sign.
Statistics also show that only 3 of every 10 homes have house numbers adequate for reading at night. The Nightsign is a BrilliantlyReflective house number address sign that is very readable at night. In fact, it may be the very best! You decide.
On rural roads and dark streets house sign visibility is imperative, we have yet to find an address sign or residential street sign that glows like the NightSign does. The NightSign is simply impressive. Not to be confused with the skimpy lettered signs you may see occasionally. Order your new black reflective address sign today for easy installation on your mailbox post or home.
NOTICE: The NiteSign is 5 TIMES easier read than the competitor's "green & white" signs. Thats why we show you photos of the NightSign "at night". The NightSign's Performance Is Superior.
learn more ....
19.5" x 3.50" Fits 5 No.'s
NightSign Style 3 - $32.45
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Thank You so much for the mail box numbers you made for me. I had surgery this summer and these neighbors brought food and came to check on me every day.

I was so happy to be able to do something for them. I was very pleased with them and so were they. At night no one could see the small numbers on the mail boxes We are a group of older people and we might have to have emergency assistance at night and no one could find us. Thanks again for the numbers.
Ruth 3/25
Our Jumbo Numbers Vs Theirs
note: (photo blurred by bumpy road)
Questions?Click Here To Email Sterlng
NightSign Style 4 - $23.85
Sized To Accomodate Numbers (Fits Up To 5 No.'s)
1 Single Sided Sign. Mounted On Front Of Mailbox Post etc.
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New Cul De Sac Sign
Or Call 919-638-3382. If unavailable leave msg.
Includes 2 Signs - Horizontal By Request
Special Address Number Instructions: Comment On Paypal Order Form or send an email. Thank you
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Driving...... Our NightSign is way down the road. But even before you can read it, you see it. Compare that to the mailbox in the foreground. Its closer and you can't even read the address numbers with headlights on.

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